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Blackhat Hacker kursus

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  • Dette kursus varer 3 dage
  • Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus
  • Dette kursus koster 4 klip på dit klippekort.
  • Fuld forplejning (Morgenmad, frokost, kage, kaffe og sodavand ad libitum)


Dette kursus varer 3 dage


Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus

Klip på klippekort

Dette kursus koster 4 klip på dit klippekort.


Fuld forplejning (Morgenmad, frokost, eftermiddagskage samt kaffe og sodavand ad libitum)

Blackhat 1.0 - The pwnage

There is no PCI standard or ISO certification that will protect you!

The truth is hard to accept, but these are just papers that say you are doing ’something’, that you should have done anyway. This Blackhat course will teach you how to ‘really' attack a company, and what kind of work goes into it. We will attack a fictional company, their employees and environment.

The course will be held as a role-play/workshop type scenario, where we establish an entirely fictional setting in which you, as the Blackhat hacker, will try to operate. We will all work together to achieve the common goal. The plot and storyline of the event can be found below.


The objective of this course is to learn to hack a real-life scenario in order to fully understand the current threats, the tools and logic used by hackers. This knowledge will put you in a unique possition to prevent attacks and secure your infrastructure based on your newly obtained knowledge.

* Limited seats available

Your instructor and co-hacker on this course will be renouned professional hacker Lucas Lundgren. 

These are some of the tools we will be using in the course:

  • Python
  • Immunity Debugger
  • !mona
  • nmap
  • Shodan
  • Asm
  • Beef
  • Manual antivirus evasion
  • Metasploit
  • custom backdoors
  • Coding a Crypto Locker in C/C#, C++
  • Various Fuzzing Software
  • pick locking
  • mapping employees
  • social engineering
  • Finding weaknesses in buildings and plans.
  • Extortion.

Course trailer


You are drafted as a part of a  team of black hat hackers.
Your mission is to gain access to a specific company.
Infect it with malware, and demand bitcoins.

The name of the game:
Maximum Profit
Maximum damage
And maximum payout

For real attackers, there are no rules!



We will target and conduct simulated attacks against a company. Conducting Social Engineering, bypassing antivirus. Attacking the weakest point. You will learn how to map individuals, find out what we can about them to increase our success rate and use these ‘cattle’ to gain access to the company.



Fuzzing software and discovering a vulnerability in an application that is unknown to others. Using this we will conduct social engineering attack bypassing antivirus with custom malware and gain access to the victims computer.


And finally...

Their computer will be used to further escalate the privileges inside the network. To amplify maximum damage, so we can’t be ignores we will also conduct DDoS attacks from harvested IoT devices to really get the company on its knees.

In this course you are NOT instructed to think like the attacker

the attacker


You need to know some linux and networking.
You should be familiar with The Fundamentals of pen testing.
This course is not your run of a mil training course.
And best suited for people with good knowledge in IT, computers, networks and firewalls.

Your instructor: Lucas Lundgren

  • Trainer at SkillsHouse (Penetration testing, WebApp hacking, BlackHat)
  • Defcon24 Speaker
  • Sec-T Speaker
  • OWASP Speaker
  • 4SICS Speaker
  • RSA Speaker

Over 18 years of IT Security experience


  • Former member of Corelan Team (Corelan.be)
  • Time Magazine; Person of the year 2006
  • Network & System Security
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Penetration Testing (Network/Web/Scada/Mobile)
  • WLAN Security
  • Secure system updates and implementation
  • PKCS and Radius solutions
  • System Integration Planning
  • Multitier Network Architectures
  • Attacking techniques and prevention
  • Anti Virus, and evasion
  • Malware analysis
  • Fuzzing
  • Exploit Development
  • IT Security research

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