Karlebovej 91, 3400 Hillerød | Krajbjergvej 3, 8541 Skødstrup
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08:30 - 17:00


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  • Dette kursus varer 2 dage
  • Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus
  • Dette kursus koster 3 klip på dit klippekort.
  • Fuld forplejning (Morgenmad, frokost, kage, kaffe og sodavand ad libitum)


Dette kursus varer 2 dage


Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus

Klip på klippekort

Dette kursus koster 3 klip på dit klippekort.


Fuld forplejning (Morgenmad, frokost, eftermiddagskage samt kaffe og sodavand ad libitum)

This 2-day Spark course enables participants to build complete and unified Big-data applications combining batch, streaming, and interactive analytics on multi-structure data.

After Spark course, developers would be able to

  • write sophisticated parallel applications for faster data processing and business analysis
  • Spark’s Resilient Distributed Datasets and its features
  • Spark’s execution on cluster and how does it relate to Hadoop
  • Writing Spark applications
  • Processing streaming data with Spark
  • Enterprise data workflows with Spark


Throughout the course, participants write Hadoop code and perform other hands-on exercises to get solid understanding of the concepts being presented


This course is best suited for software developers and architects, BI developers and data analysts with programming experience. Knowledge of OO or functional language (Java, C#, Scala) is strongly recommended. Knowledge of Hadoop and Mapreduce is recommended but not required.


Vladimir Smida is a big-data engineer consultant at Comiit ApS.

With strong analytical skills, Vladimir is an expert in designing and building high-performance and distributed systems, ranging from large-scale batch processing to low-latency real-time execution . Whether dealing with enterprise Java or C# backend programming, Vladimir’s seeks for the best and trend-aware solution to given task.

As a founder of Comiit ApS, a consultancy firm focused on big data and data science, Vladimir has been working as software architect and big-data consultant for customers mainly in energy and finance sector. Energinet, Vestas, Winton Capital, Apple to name a few.

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