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Hosting WCF Services with Windows Server AppFabric

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  • Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus
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Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus


Fuld forplejning (Morgenmad, frokost, eftermiddagskage samt kaffe og sodavand ad libitum)

This 3-day course provides the knowledge and skills required to develop WCF workflow services and host them in Windows Server AppFabric and to leverage the hosting capabilities that AppFabric provides. 

The course will cover the development of declarative workflow services using WF and WCF in .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. It will highlight best practices and techniques that allow developers to leverage the technology and develop scalable and reliable applications. 

Windows Server AppFabric will be covered in detail, focussing on the architecture, and the tools that can be used to host and manage applications. 

The course also covers the emerging cloud-based capabilities in Windows Azure AppFabric that allow developers to extend on-premise applications to leverage cloud-based capabilities.


After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define Windows Server AppFabric features and architecture
  • Develop sequential and flowchart based declarative services
  • Identify the concepts behind long-running workflow based services
  • Deploy and maintain service applications
  • Use Windows Server AppFabric tools to manage service instances
  • Leverage persistence for long running durable services
  • Implement tracking to monitor service and workflow execution
  • Automate administrative tasks using PowerShell
  • Create hybrid applications bridging on-premise and cloud-based components

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