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Cloud Computing Security

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Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus

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How to Keep Your Cloud Data Safe & To Know Where the Data is!

For many organisations cloud computing might be the easy way for a simple and cost effective method to reduce the internal infrastructure headaches such as having to deal with security themselves including breath relief from having to battle against malware, key loggers, monitoring environment, malfunction hardware. What often is forgotten is the steps needed to be taken to ensure that the cloud computing security is in place also once all data has been moved over to the cloud.

Cloud security is a new security domain for many organisation which includes sub-domain computer security, network security and information security which refers to a broad set of policies, standards and guidelines to ensure that the utilized technology is deployed to protect data, applications and the infrastructure which is part of the cloud computing environment.

Simply to ensure that your data is kept confidential based on proper access control, that the integrity of the data can be guaranteed and that it’s available when needed. To ensure this, there needs to be a clear security governance model in place for the people, process and technology within an organisation that utilize the cloud technology.

Understand the Cloud Computing Characteristics Get a clear understanding of the Cloud Computing Infrastructure Models and the architectural layers of Cloud Computing What are the risk and security issues associated with cloud computing Implementation of Cloud Security Controls to safeguard any weaknesses in the system What security and privacy controls should be put in place to protect critical data What are the compliance issues when dealing with Cloud Computing Typical legal and contractual issues

Course Content
The course will cover the typical offered cloud services from vendor agnostic perspective on market and the main architectural deployment methods for organisations implementing cloud services. Regardless of the type of cloud utilized the fundamentals of security are still the same that will be covered in this course.

The course will make use of real life usage scenarios from implementing cloud services including discussion regarding service level agreement to ensure that there is a clear understanding from legislation-, regulation- and contractual perspective.

The course is designed for individuals without any prior in-depth technical knowledge regarding IT-infrastructure.

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