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08:30 - 17:00

Advanced Git (med SourceTree and BitBucket/Stash)

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  • Dette kursus varer 2 dage
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Dette kursus varer 2 dage


Der medfølger kursusmateriale til dette kursus

Klip på klippekort

Dette kursus koster 2 klip på dit klippekort.


Fuld forplejning (Morgenmad, frokost, eftermiddagskage samt kaffe og sodavand ad libitum)

This course will take your Git knowledge to the next level. It fuses a deeper look into how Git really works with a range of carefully selected practical techniques and advice on best practices. You'll come out of it with a better understanding of Git, a firmer sense of how to solve problems and create workflows, and a bunch more tools in your version control arsenal.

As far as possible, the course makes use of the SourceTree graphical client and the Stash repository manager, both developed by Atlassian.

Day 1

•A DAG refresher
•Blobs, trees, and commits
•Why SHA-1s and not version numbers
•Specifying revisions and commit ranges
•Viewing old revisions of files
•The index, revisited
•Atomic commits
•Valuing the version history

Branches, shoots, and leaves
•Creating, moving between and deleting branches
•HEAD and detached HEAD mode
•Working with remotes
•Remote branches and refspecs
•Tags, lightweight and annotated
•Tags and remotes
•Tags and branches under the hood
•The describe command

All your rebase...
•A merging refresher
•pull = fetch + merge
•The undesirability of merge commits
•Rewriting history
•The push/rebase tension
•cherry-picking commits
•Interactive rebasing

Day 2

Working with commits and changes
•Sending and receiving patches
•The stash, and stashing workflows
•The reflog
•Recovering from common mistakes
•The reset command demystified
•Searching the commit history efficiently
•The bisect command

Working with branches
•Types of branch
•Some branching workflows
•Merging strategies
•Understanding recursive merges

•The hooks directory
•Client-side and server-side hooks
•The why and how of git hooks
•Stash and hooks

Good to know
•.gitignore and .gitattributes
•How a commit object is formed
•Common problems and their solutions
•The gc command
•The filter-branch command
•Git shortcomings

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