Karlebovej 91, 3400 Hillerød | Krajbjergvej 3, 8541 Skødstrup
70 22 29 29
08:30 - 17:00

Blackhat hacker kursus

There is no PCI standard or ISO certification that will protect you!

The truth is hard to accept, but these are just papers that say you are doing ’something’, that you should have done anyway. This Blackhat course will teach you how to ‘really’ attack a company, and what kind of work goes into it. We will attack a fictional company, their employees and environment.

The course will be held as a role-play/workshop type scenario, where we establish an entirely fictional setting in which you, as the Blackhat hacker, will try to operate. We will all work together to achieve the common goal. The plot and storyline of the event can be found below.

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